Houston Concert
August 15, 2000
By: Jennifer

OMG! Ok, so we get to the venue at around 6 o'clock. We stopped at a stop light right infront of the venue and my mom kept telling me "I need to make a u-turn, I need to make a u-turn." Meantime right infront of us, near the entrance Hanson goes through, there is the tour bus!! (I thought I saw their white van in front of it but it ended up to be a Budweiser van lol!) So anyway in order to make a u-turn we had to pass the bus. I'm begging my mom to let me, but she wouldn't let me :o(. So we make this big u-turn and finally came back around. We stopped at the stop light, which was right behind the bus, and then all of a sudden all the girls standing there were screaming and the flashes were going off...I looked and there goes Taylor and Zac walking up the stairs into the venue. My mom dropped me off and I stood there for like 5 minutes. I stood next to the bus and took a couple of pictures. Then my mom came back around, parked and went to go stand in line. OMG! The line wrapped around the building! We waited for about an hour and then finally they opened the doors and we got in. right as we got in, I got into the crowd that was already around the stage and waited. I was on Ike's side...and just looking at the stage from where I was at I was getting so excited cause I could tell I was going to have the best view.

Ok, so they come out and started the show. "Look at you, Look at you baby!" lol Taylor was wearing this red buttoned up shirt with blue jeans, Ike was wearing this blue shirt w/ a blue jacket over it and brown pants (I think, I know he was wearing them later in the concert) After the song was over (Look at You) Ike had to make a little announcement about how since it was general admission show (first come, first serve) that everyone down by the stage had to move back because the people up front were getting squished. For the first couple of songs, after they finished singing, they kept telling us to move back. I think Ike really got through to the people when he said they wouldn't go on if we kept moving up. Zac was all "It's not that hard! You people in the back have room to move back a step..." and all this.

Ok, so they kept playing and playing then left to do the instrument reduction [the living room set (w/o the whole back drop, rug, chair or lamp) on Albertane Tour] Then they sang some and that's where Zac told us to move back (that was the last time) "You don't want us to glue your feet to the floor now do you?" After moving everything away Zac came out w/ his super soaker. He got me and my camera wet! Speaking of cameras...I felt like throwing it, well the batteries. They were supposedly new but I guess werent they were soo getting on my nerves. (but I had others so I got to take 1 and a half rolls of pics...my mom took a roll too)

OMG! Taylor and Ike look sooo good in their tanks/wife beaters!! (whatever you wanna call 'em) OMG! When Taylor was jumping up and down during If Only (when he wasn't behind the keyboards) and during In the City, when he would jump the way his shirt went over his abs...OMG!! lol

Oh!! During MFM it was funny when they do Zac's part instead of going "Sorry I was watching Court TV" he goes "This is Baby Bird..whazz up!?" lol I loved that! You know how they say it's the last song but it's really not? A whole lot of people up front left and that's where I was kicking my self in the butt b/c all my film was gone b/c I got to move closer. I'm telling ya that has been the closest I have EVER been. I'm crossing my fingers that my pics turn out. When I looked through the lense it seemed like I was further away. But hopefully they'll turn out. Last night was awesome I wish I could do it all over again :o)

*Some Tidbits*
+ When they were introducing the band, it was funny Taylor was like bowing down to the bass player and then Ike and Tay bowed down to the keyboardist. lol
+ After what was supposed to be the very last song Zac gets out from behind his drums and was ready to bow but Ike started playing summertime blues on his guitar and Zac stopped and looked at him and then was like shaking his head but Ike kept playing and zac looked at us and was like "Want us to play another song!?"
+ It was cute/funny, during the instrument reduction Zac went to go look for his shakers and I could see him asking the roadie where they were and you could see the roadie pointing on top of the drum set and Zac laughed and then gave a thumbs up to the rest of the guys hehe + At the very end Zac holds up his bass pounder (lol) and goes sorry can't play anymore I broke it! lol

*Setlist* [No order]
Smile, Money, Summertime Blues, Magic Carpet Ride, A Little Piece of my Heart, Stories, Thinking of You, MMMBop, Speechless, Where's the Love, Look at You, A Minute Without You, Man from Milwaulkee, You Never Know, If Only, This Time Around, Runaway Run, Save Me, Dying to Be Alive, Can't Stop, Wish That I Was There, Love Song, Hand in Hand, Sure About It, In the City, Song to Sing

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