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Concert Review By:Jen

We left the house around 2:30 went and ate lunch/dinner and some other errands at 5:30 we got to the pavilion and started walking towards the gates. And there were these girls in front of us with writing all over there faces, my mom was like 'which hanson do you like?' this one girl goes 'oh i'm a bsb freak' i told her i went to the bsb concert in July she was like 'which one do you like' i told her brian she goes 'good cause nick is mine' and the girl that was with her was like 'which hanson do you like?' i told her taylor and instantly she was like 'uh uh he's mine' and my mom asked the girl who was a bsb fan why she was going to this concert and she pointed to the girl who said taylor was hers and said cause she invited me. Anyways, we were walking over the bridge that lead to the gates and you could hear all these girls screaming and they were like 'what if were missing something OMG' so we got into the gates and they checked us and didnt even see that we snuck a camera in. Very Very sneaky. Then we went and bought me a shirt with the little albertane tour logo on the back and all the cities around it and a program and my sister got a key chain. 48 dollars later.. lol j/k Then we went and found our seats not that bad of ones either we were right below from the screen so that was good. Between 5:30 and 6 there was your occasional "We love Hanson yes we do we love Hanson how about you?", "Hanson, Hanson, Hanson.." then there were people singing mmmbop. There were people who wrote all over there face, arms, legs, and colored there hair green, red and blue. The sad thing about this concert was it wasnt sold out. :-( At 6 Admiral Twin came out GREAT BAND!! But Hanson's better lol. They sung for like 15 minutes. Then all the people came out and took there instruments and got ready for "THE ONE THE ONLY......HANSON!!!!" They had this big black curtain that was down when AT came out and like 15 minutes before the concert started this silver like curtain came down and covered most the stage so when that was down the black curtain went up. When the big curtain was down I think I saw walker walk from the stage to backstage I looked at my mom who was sitting down i was like "I just saw Walker Hanson" she just rolled her eyes. Well once we saw Hanson run towards there instruments it was time to get ready, so I started screaming, jumping up and down, got on my chair and held my poster up, and unfortunally the security guard told me to put down my poster and get off the chair when he told me to get off he had this mad look on his face like he was thinking "Stupid Teeny Boppers how come they cant have this stupid concert at the compact center or something" LOL thats what he looked like he was thinking. Well they sang:

Gimme Some Lovin'

Shake your Tail Feather

Thinking of You

Where's the Love



((NOTE: I know Im probably forgeting some songs but at the end I'll tell you all the songs))

I almost burnt my thumb holding up the stupid lighter. LOL Then they changed scenes. And what really got me mad was taylor took off his shirt while back stage UGH!! When they came out they came out emptying out water bottles they were like "You looked like you were a little warm" So they started singing:


With you In your dreams


More than Anything


When they came out after Ikes GREAT solo they had thier big squirt guns.

Then Changed scenes AGAIN. Then they sang:

Magic Carpet Ride

Good Lovin'

I Will Come To You


A minute with out you

When they sung A Minute Without You they dedicated it to the lawn. and when they had the bright lights on I turned to face the lawn and started waving. LOL

Then Tay took over the drums AHHHHH ((Remember I dont remember all the songs they sang during one thing ya know but i practically know all the songs they sang during the whole concert)) He is soo good and while he was doing that Zac went and squirted everyone then after they had introduced the band and everything else they left. :-( but once they left we all started chanting Hanson Hanson and beating on the seats the seats were like hollow on the inside so they made alot of noise then Zac, while still backstage, "You want us back" we were all like AHHHHHHHH "Are you sure??" Then they came out with squirt guns water bottles and I think Ike came out with Ice cubes ((I LATER FOUND OUT IT WAS GUITAR PICS LOL)) then they sang look at you and summertime blues. Then when it was over it was like 8:45 While trying to get out of the pavilion they was this one girl who stuck her head out the window and was like "HONK YOUR HORN IF YOU LOVE HANSON" so my mom started honking the horn she kept honking like every other minute even when we got on the freeway but like once she saw the car turn she stopped. And after that I fell asleep an end to a GREAT Hanson-y night.

Here's all the songs:

Gimmie Some Lovin'

Shake your Tailfeather

Thinking of You

Where's the Love




With You In Your Dreams

Good Lovin'

Summertime Blues


Man From Milwaukee

A Minute Without You

Look at You

More Than Anything

Ever Lonely